My Story

I was born in Shanghai China and came to Australia when I was 20 years old (more than 15 years ago).  I was always proud of myself on pursuing my dreams no matter what.  In the past I had a very long history of seemingly successful corporate life: Financial trader in Australia, Project manager in Shanghai, Management consultant in London and Hong Kong and setting up my own company in Shanghai China etc. I thought I was very aware of wealth creation, motivation and personal development.  I even did 2 years of studying and training in psychotherapy and counselling. They were all very good experiences and really helped me understand myself much better. However all these experiences did not really prompt me to have clarity on who I really am, what my old paradigms were (that were hindering me) and how I could change them. Therefore I did gain a lot of insight into what my issues were but had no clue or ability to change them fundamentally for myself. Now looking back, I had a lot of insight into my own problems but no solution or transformation.
I came back to Australia from Shanghai at the end of year 2013 and again repeated the same patterns in both my personal and business lives. After 1.5 years I quit working for a company I was working with at the time and started my soul searching journey. When I subscribed to Bob Proctor’s coaching program in February 2015 I had no idea what kind of experience I was going to have.  This amazing personal journey is the reason why I have decided to coach people on Bob’s philosophy and way of thinking, being, doing and eventually having. Since I have personally experienced it and am practising it daily now, I can say that it is the best personal development program that exists in the market place. It is not a “get rich quick scheme”.  Instead it recognizes that success in life is a constant and steady race and permanent paradigm change takes time. I have since became crystal clear on how I want to live my life, what is important to me, who I want to be around me and how to live my life in an authentic way daily no matter what. I have since created a series of successful and profitable businesses, projects and investments that would have not be possible if I had not done this coaching program.
After my own transformational experience, I realised that it is important to share this with the rest of the world especially the like-minded people who are looking for the right way to identify their passion and life purpose and making their dreams a reality . Having a supportive and like-minded environment is extremely important when someone is going through this process.  I therefore decided to set up Abundance Living locally in Sydney Australia to promote this coaching program and connect like-minded people so that a community can be created to capitalize on the rich and powerful human transformational experiences.  The vision for this platform is to inspire, motivate and support the truth seekers to increase their awareness, understand themselves and achieve abundance, wealth, love, success, health and personal transformation in all areas of their lives daily.
On top of the existing PGI coaching structure, we have additional weekly sessions to make sure the group coaching and social elements are in the program which are vital for a faster and focused transformational process to occur and sustain. For more details of the coaching program, please refer to our Thinking into results program page.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!