Thinking Into Results Program



What is Thinking Into Results

Have your wondered why you are getting the same results again and again?  Why you are not living the life that you really deserve and want?  You know there is a burning desire in your belly to be the best your can be yet the physical world is not giving you the results you want.
If you are ready to gain clarity on your life purpose and make fundamental and sustainable changes to your life so that you can live the life you really want to live then this is a program for you. Thinking Into Results is a  six months’ program to help you achieve the following:
  • Really gain clarity on what kind of life you want to live, your passion, and your dreams. We are not looking at what you need but what your really want to have in life.
  • You will be able to understand your existing paradigms and how they are dictating your emotions and behaviors and therefore giving you the results you are getting right now.
  • You will be shown tools and methods to change your paradigms that are hindering your potential and ability to realise your dreams, and how to convert your thinking into actual physical results.
  • You will be held accountable and able to obtain any results your want in your life if you are committed to the program and do the work required and keep going.
  • You will be supported by Abundance Living community and be accompanied by myself as the coach and other people who are on the same journey as you.
The Structure of the program are as below. Please feel free to register for our weekly free seminar on our Events Page to know more about the program.
  1.          Twelve Online lessons
    This extraordinary program is presented in twelve logical, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the methods and success mindset become a part of each individual’s thinking, actions and results and translate into an exceptional return on investment for yourself and your organization (if required). Skilled and experienced instructors — Acclaimed teacher, Bob Proctor, and Proctor Gallagher Institute President and CEO, Sandy Gallagher. Together they present this innovative, 12-week personal,  business leadership and development program, You are asked to work on yourself as the main focus. However this program can be used to improve organizational and business performance as well.
  2.          Bi- Weekly Coaching Session
    On a Bi-weekly basis, we will gather together to have the  coaching session. These sessions are designed to go through this week’s online content and make sure you understand the principles that are taught this week. We would also have a group facilitation session so that you can share your experiences or learnings whenever appropriate.  We will also leave a bit group social time so that you can get to know other positive, like-minded, driven and ambitious people in the community a bit better.For more information on these sessions, Please refer to our Event Schedule and  Past Event Details pages.
  3.            Bi-Weekly Online Q&A Session
    On a Bi-weekly basis we will have live online Q&A Sessions to address any issues or questions you might have regarding the program.  Focusing especially on addressing the challenges you might encounter while implementing the changes you want in your life.  Everyone’s situation is different.  We understand the journey you are taking and would like to ensure that the support is there Bi-weekly for you to go through your changes and transformation authentically, smoothly and positively.
  4.            Regular Weekend and Monthly Mastermind Group events
    As a Thinking Into Results Coaching member, you will be invited to attend our regular weekend and monthly group social events to socialize with other like-minded people in the group. You can attend all of them for free in the first 6 months while you are on the program.  In each session we will study and discuss one chosen personal development topic. Group members are invited to voluntarily share their experiences and insights whenever appropriate.  You will find these group social events are very inspiring, positive and fun (of course). This is a great way to be connected with a new group whose members are all on the same path and willing and wanting to live the life of their dreams and make the necessary changes and effort.
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We look forward to hearing from you soon!